Lead Trainer - US & Canada Based

Candidates must reside in the USA or Canada. | Contract | Allows remote


Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching Role Description


Title: Lead Trainer

Department: Faculty Team 

Location: Candidates must reside in the USA or Canada. 

Contract: Independent Contractor (with own coaching practice and self-insured) 

Compensation Package: 

$2250 USD per training module after graduating from the training program. Travel and Accommodation expenses covered

20 ELIs per calendar year

50-75% discount on iPEC products and offerings

Please note: The path to becoming a Lead Trainer begins with a rigorous 10-12 month Lead in Training (Train the Trainer) program during which time there will be different touchpoints of evaluations and feedback. Entry into the Training program does not guarantee a role as Lead Trainer. There will be  higher than usual requirements to travel (minimum twice per month during training months). Travel and accommodation are covered by iPEC plus an honorary $600 payment to the trainee per training module.

What is the role of the Lead Trainer?

The Lead Trainer delivers content during the in-person classroom modules of iPEC’s Coach Training Program. As the face of iPEC, the Lead Trainer walks the talk by embodying the principles we teach and by demonstrating deep alignment with iPEC’s mission of raising the consciousness of the world. 

Lead Trainers are excellent coaches, and educators who entertain and possess the ability to effectively manage the energy in the classroom. The Lead Trainer interacts with iPEC’s Operations, Finance, Admissions, and curriculum teams.


We ask Lead Trainers to:

  • Deliver an outstanding student experience in the classroom, during webinars, and other points of contact
  • Be an exceptional coach, demonstrating a high level of mastery in coaching demos
  • Be a polished, engaging, professional speaker and powerful connector 
  • Manage the energy in the classroom – both self and students
  • Maintain content expertise in iPEC’s Coach Training Program
  • Direct + manage the Assistant Training Coach (ATC) and volunteers in support of the student experience
  • Participate in monthly Lead Trainer calls virtually along with any other development or training calls required on an ongoing basis 
  • Manage classroom logistics, including attendance, room set-up and tear-down

We seek the following certifications, credentials, and qualities in our Lead Trainers: 

  • iPEC graduate with CPC and ELI-MP certifications
  • Current ICF PCC or MCC credential holder
  • ICF member in good standing
  • Active coaching practice
  • Ideally, an active ELI user
  • Amazing presence in front of a room
  • Ability to command a room as an anabolic leader
  • Ability to manage the energy of a training environment
  • Awareness of cultural differences, open and accepting of all students
  • Ability to commit to weekend travel and hours
  • Ability to deliver training in a dynamic, clear and engaging communication style.

Technical requirements: 

  • Laptop/iPad for PPT presentations 
  • Sound speaker and music 
  • Internet speed minimum 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload on a stable connection
  • Personal equipment required for the role (laptop, headset, etc of sufficient quality to deliver the role at the level required). 

Core Competencies:

A solid foundation of ICF Core Competencies, developing self and others, coaching, teaming, courage & integrity, relationship-building, confident and articulate speaker, proficient with time management skills, humour

To apply for this role, please submit the following on or before February 28, 2020:

    • Resume which includes 
      • Your coaching company website, including testimonials
      • Name of your iPEC trainer(s) along with training locations and Mentor Coach
      • Mod III training dates
      • CPC and ELI-MP certification dates
    • A five minute engaging video briefly sharing about WHO you are, and Why you would be a fantastic iPEC Lead Trainer 
    • PCC Credential certificate 

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC):

 Founded in 1999, iPEC is recognized as a world leader in the coaching industry, training more than 15,000 coaches across 44 countries. iPEC is the pioneer of the Core Energy Coaching™ process, a coaching methodology designed for significant and sustainable transformation that connects one’s inner purpose and passions to his or her outer goals, performance, and results.

The Core Energy Coaching process, originally discovered and developed by iPEC founder, Bruce D Schneider, MCC, is founded on more than 10,000 hours of research and application over a 30-year span. This interdisciplinary process has its roots in psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), mentoring, consulting, quantum physics, metaphysics, adult and accelerated learning theories, emotional intelligence, leadership development, and theories of conscious evolution. The process is in use by coaches and leaders across the Fortune 500, state and federal judiciaries and law enforcement, healthcare, education, small and middle market business, and more.